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The Rising Stars 상승하는 스타들


Yoon Du Jun 윤두준

Charming you with his beastly talent and boyfriend-material personality, our masculine leader has it all. Make way for our hot-blooded boy! Let's not fight over the 'nation's boyfriend idol' now...

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Jang Hyun Seung 장현승

This deer-eyed cutie will definitely charm you with his unique voice and determination. He may look gentle and sweet, but he is tough-spirited! Bringing you awesome dance moves and quirky hairstyles!

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Yong Jun Hyung 용준형

He definitely holds nothing back when it comes to his rapping. BEAST's umma will impress you with his charisma and sexy swagger. From composing to writing lyrics, this bad boy is just overflowing with talent!

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Yang Yo Seop 양요섭

Welcome to the world of aegyo. Introducing the unofficial magnae! Don't let his playfulness and baby face deceive you - this dork has one heart-melting, angelic voice! And don't forget: Car wash self customer is king.

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Lee Gi Kwang 이기광

BEAST's visual doesn't really need an intro. Making you drool with those beastly, chocolate abs, you can't not fall in love with this pretty boy! Heavenly smile and husky voice too - he has the whole package.

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Son Dong Woon 손동운

Captivating you with his beastly exterior and deep voice, it's hard to believe this Arab prince is actually the magnae! Don't underestimate the baby of the group - he'll also deliver with his falsetto and sexiness!

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